Bringing the World into Focus for Importers/Exporters

FTS Trade offers Export Compliance Consultants, Export Regulations Training, International Trade, Foreign Trade Regulations, Incoterms, Export Licensing, Export Administration Regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, Export Control Classification Numbers, Export Compliance Programs.

About FTS Associates, Inc.

Foreign Trade Solutions, dba FTS Associates, Inc. was started in 1995.

With more than two decades of experience as an exporter and importer, FTS wanted to share the knowledge and experiences it had developed with other foreign traders. Today, our goal remains the same: to provide clear, simplified, cost-sensitive, comprehensive trade solutions to prospective and existing exporters. We knew that we could bring the world into focus for offshore traders by providing training and consulting services that reduce the obstacles and frustration that translate into the erosion of your profit margin. The combination of our personalized training and consulting programs are allowing us to fulfill this goal.

Paul H. Savoie

President & CEO

Keith Savoie

Director of Operations